Prog Blurb


Yes Proggies, I know. it's been a while. The CD master is nearly complete and a few other odds and ends have also been dealt with. Final mastering is expected to take place 8/10/11 and I hope to have it off to the factory shortly afterwards. I'm still deciding on artwork too but will not let that delay me.

It is a realllly good CD. A little tough to sequence but I like the way the final edit flows and I hope you do too. There will be two versions. There will be a 53 or so minute hard copy featuring one track from each band. This will also be available for download. Once I have released this version I hope to release another, much longer version that will be availabale by download only. I believe it's in the 93 minute range, features two tracks from several of the bands and a few other surprises. Current costs and economic conditions make a double CD just too much dough for me to be forking out. But downloads is cheap so, why not? If I see the demand I may release a limited double CD but that's up to you guys, not me. Anyhow, stand by just a wee bit longer and I'll have something for you that I think you're going to like.

As far as MARPROG III? Still up in the air. Thinking about it but again, sales on the upcoming CD will have a lot to say about whether I can continue. You know I want to. Help it out and buy the CD!!

I have stolen the title from one of 3RDegree's tracks and will call it:

"MARPROG : A Work of Art"

OR!! You could go to and buy THAT CD which will support my company and hence MARPROG in the long run. It is a light take on mostly old jazz standards. It features very well know and talented guitarist each providing their own take on one tune each. They are all accompanying a lovely young lady, Erica "Rickie" Miller who hails from SE Connecticut and has a very sweet voice. It may not be everybody's cup of tea but if you like a well done and very relaxing jazzy blues oriented CD by all means check it out.

Thanks and bye!


3-21-2011 - Hi folks,

A quick note that progress on the CD is coming along nicely but more importantly to rescind my support of Nomads as they have rescinded theirs from us. While Mr Nomads is very enthusiastic about the whole idea Mrs Nomads is not so much and I find myself stuck in the middle of that particular conflict and I have no desire to be in such a position. So the search continues for a forthright art friendly venue that is willing to help us host these events in the Hartford area. Any suggestions are most welcome, rest assured I am on the case.

Thanks again for your support!

2-14-2011 - Hello Prog fans,

If you are yet again checking my site for any changes then you are a true diehard such as myself. I hope this announcement finds you well. I have finally gathered most of the chosen material for the upcoming "The Best of MARPROG" double CD. We have gleaned material from both events plus a few bandaids and some same song recordings at different venues that were better in terms of recording quality. Having reviewed what we have so far, maybe 75%, with a trusted band of merry men we have come to the conclusion that when done we will have one SMOKIN' piece of prog work for you all.

Bands to be featured are as follows: 3RDegree, Toy Masheen, The Enemy Concept, Advent, Edensong, Frank Varela/VLM and Holding Pattern. Yes, yes, I know TEC is pushing the venerated prog envelope but even the old farts liked them, so they seem to be on to something.

Also, future plans for MARPROG are to reduce it in scope to a bi monthly-ish, two band-ish event. Nomads is a very agreeable and forthright venue and they are very enthusiastic about the "Mini MARPROG Series" as it may or may not become known. If we see some development in turnout as time goes by we'll revisit the multi band extravaganza idea that us proggies all know and love. So the booking is about to start. The very earliest tibit of info I can provide is that I have talked to Frogg Cafe about a fall gig so stand by!

In addition, you can contact MARPROG here.